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As the number one contractor accountants in the Macclesfield area, we provide a friendly, knowledgeable and local service relating to all contractor tax and subcontractor tax matters. Contractor accounting is a specialised area that requires careful navigation in order to ensure that you are both maximising profits for your business as well as complying with all the relevant UK tax law.

Understanding IR35

Compliance with IR35 has never been more critical and is coming under more and more scrutiny. We can help you understand the rules, the IR35 test and whether or not you comply, and what alternatives may be available. IR35 affects all contractors who do not meet HMRC's definition of 'self employment'. Andrew Lea Finance provides complete IR35 guidance with a full review of your current status and liabilities, along with sound advice for the future as your business grows. This is important as IR35 rules can result in you having increased tax and N.I. liability which may prevent contractor companies from retaining profits which could otherwise be used to grow your business.

As your specialist IR35 accountant, we can advise on Schedule E taxation and National Insurance, Section 198 and intermediary expenses, deemed payments and unregulated contracts.

Choosing the right business structure


Limited company or PAYE umbrella? We can help you understand your financial position under each and which would suit you best. If you’re running your contractor business as an umbrella company, IR35 rules will certainly be a ongoing concern that you should take seriously if you’re to stay profitable and not fall foul of the HMRC.

Accountant for IT contractors

IT contractor accounts present their own unique hurdles, and with IT contractors being in demand more than ever before (with many firms opting to hire in specialists to work on short-term projects and fill temporary roles rather than appoint a full-time position) many people find themselves taking the plunge into self-employment for the first time. Andrew Lea Finance are here to provide guidance for the newly self-employed as well as those who feel they haven’t been handling their tax affairs efficiently. We understand that IT contractors are often in need of support and specialist financial advice and we offer the benefit of our experience and expertise to help save you money, time and stress.

Company Formation

If you choose the Limited Company route then we can handle the company formation for you and set you up for business. See our LIMITED COMPANY page for how we can help.




With just 4 weeks to go before HMRC withdraw the Business Entity Tests (BETs), if you are a contractor who has been given notice of an imminent IR35 investigation, you may be wondering whether to take the BET or not. This blog article outlines the state of play and why at Andrew Lea Finance we feel that, despite the tests being flawed, it is perhaps still worth taking them before the deadline.




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